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the white witch of avalon.

White Goth is a subculture of the Goth community. White Goth is usually demonstrated with white clothing, pail skin and even white hair. Romantic White Goths are one of the most common versions of this subculture. In many cultures family members …

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Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva is a photographer who marks her superb talent in photography through magical and fantasy art. With so much passion, Margarita captures dream-like and magical fairy tale photos with

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❄A MidWinter's Night's Dream❄ Snow Queen.By Artist Unknown.

ice queen StinaBG

Ice covered her body, freezing her blood, stopping her heart. The last thing to freeze was her face. White eyes, wide with panic and disbelief.

Ph. Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

This picture shows great contrast because one woman is in white and the other is in black. Seriously Ruined: MARY ELIZABETH & MAXINE ANASTASIA // By Lucia O'Connor McCarthy


A witch without glamour, in this story, some witches have naturally black lips and odd coloured hair so they need to use glamour to hide themselves.