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Shipment Package

Shipment Package


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How wind power works?

How Works : When you talk about modern wind you're looking at two primary designs: horizontal-axis and vertical-axis. Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are pretty rare. The only one currently in commercial production is the Darrieu

Super high pressure valve Market Research Report Now Available at Research Corridor

Bonnetless Globe Valve - Feature of Bonnetless Globe Valve : Stem guide & protect.

What is the difference between a gate and a globe valve?

What is the difference between a gate and a globe valve? “Gate Valve In gate valve, a gate slides between the seats of the valve. Movement of the gate is at right angle to the flow of fluid.

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Galvanized Steel Coils

Jiangsu Steel Group is the leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Sheet, Pipe, Round Bar, Hot Rolled Plate and Welded Tube in china.

Producing tube for the medical #Industry requires a great deal of attention to #Welding, material, and surface quality.

Jiangsu Steel group is a premier supplier for Stainless Steel Welded Tube Supplier with High quality at factory price.

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