Banksy. Los Angeles. 'Crayon Shooter'

The Greatest Banksy Artwork of All Time

Banksy’s take on Tarantino’s cult movie was well known in the area and amongst collectors of his work. Transport for London ordered it to be painted over and have a strict policy against ‘graffiti’. The authority released a statement saying that they employed professional cleaners, not professional art critics.    Read more:  Read more at

10 Paintings by Street Artist, Banksy

Peel Fiction - Banksy transforms the iconic image of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction into something slightly less menacing on Old Street, London.

Tempos Safados: O fim e a forma: arte e política em Benjamin e Rancière

Banksy vs Robbo & The Graffiti War. Documentary for educational purposes only


Once beautiful Banski art, defaced by the Gray Ghost of New Orleans. I hate the Gray Ghost.

Das Graffiti des brasilianischen Straßenkünstlers Paulo Ito ziert eine Schulwand in Sao Paulo. (Foto: Ito)

“ Brazilian Street Artist Has Created the World Cup’s First Viral Image On May Brazilian artist Paulo Ito posted this mural on the doors of a schoolhouse in São Paulo’s Pompeia district.

самые яркие граффити мира

See amazing street art, graffiti art, wall murals & great urban art from street artists all over the world including Escif, ROA, Banksy & Obey

bansky for the olimpics at

Banksy: 2012 London Olympic Murals - In light of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer, street artist Banksy has produced not one but two new athletic-inspired (and no doubt.

street art by Banksy.  rat.   So little to say.  000

Banksy Rat paint brush little time to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall.

banksy - banksy Photo

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If only women really embraced that statement! i dunno if its a real banks, but i love it.

BANKSY By now, we all probably know the political activist, graffiti artist, and film director who works under the pseudonym Banksy. Starting as an underground graffiti artist in Bristol, Banksy’s art.