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Late 1960's to early 1970's. The knee high socks, & loafers w/ heels. wore those ALady

1969 - Wool plaid miniskirt red yellow blue black pink grey brown models magazine knee socks tights blouse shirt shoes mod skirt 'New, youth-movement casuals, zip-zapped with color, distinguished with detailing, mobile with pleats.

Hit the Beach in Teen Designs. Sunday Mirror Magazine, May 26, 1963

Photo for fashion article, “Surfside Story’s New Rumble: ‘Kooky’ Combos Hit the Beach in Teen Designs.” Sunday Mirror Magazine, May 1963

Sadie’s girls

1960s Dresses - A Rainbow of 50 Dresses (Pictures)

Mod - Lime / I had outfits just like this.in lime too. I even had lime nylons. I had a mini skirt in these colours and a dress in this style but with orange, pink , lime and white. Mum made the dress for me.

Mary Quant designs, 1960s Manchester City Galleries

Mary Quant, born in London in is synonymous with the mod fashion movement of the She is generally credited with the inventio.

1968 fashion - Why oh why aren't any designers making dresses like this?

1968 fashion - Why oh why aren't any designers making dresses like this? - Tap the LINK now to see all our amazing accessories, that we have found for a fraction of the price

Google képkeresési találat: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5gwE623U2mM/Scqyk9t9CPI/AAAAAAAAAUg/oHcXP-x-hFo/s400/l_e485cef5c5aa501cad6cb48c9c8ceb9c.jpg

Mini Dresses were so scandalous back then. Yep, I wore them, it was just fashion. Had mini skirts too. The trip was the nylons and garter belt right before pantyhose. Maybe pantyhose were out because otherwise you could not wear the mini-skirts.

https://www.pinterest.com/celine1249 Wearing pleated skirt

Jumpers-another staple of my high-school wardrobe. Jeans in school and everywhere else wrecked fashion forever.

Dresses <3 1966 day dress pink white gingham blue yellow floral solid belt hair shoes models mid 60s MCM mid century casual wear

1960s Dresses - A Rainbow of 50 Dresses (Pictures)

Summer dress styles, 1966 I had that blue dress. I wore it with a cameo pin because of a scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I think the dress came from Penney's.