Artwork by Samiel JJ✨ — “Normal & Jealous"part43 ❤️

“About"Normal & Jealous" For some reason my gmail doesn't let me send any picture so I can't keep it up.and I also stuck in this story.

Eingebettetes Bild, part 31

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I keep fall asleep when I was drawing this part. so it's kinda mess😂”

#wattpad #fanfic ¿Sería Marinette capaz de darle una oportunidad a Chat Noir, dejando de lado todos sus sentimientos por Adrien?     ¿Sería capaz Adrien de mirar a otras chicas, y dejar en paz a Ladybug?     O será todo cuestión de... Insistir?     Fanfic de Miraculous Ladybug de mi autoría     Lemon (+18), drama y...

Insistencia [R+18] Miraculous Ladybug - En el Observatorio

Read En el Observatorio from the story Insistencia Miraculous Ladybug by eulbilul (Luli Blue) with reads.

..... But then came the day when I found out. She had been taking a different route to class so that she could be with him. I walked the whole way to class that day watching them from downstairs, holding hands and being happy together. It hurt really bad but we were still best friends. I lost all trust in him and he became a constant reminder of what he took from me. There were another few weeks of this. I avoided him as much as I could because everything about him, his voice, his presence…

More miraculous users means more competition for Chat XD (Miraculous Ladybug, fox, bee, Chat Noir, shipping)---Poor chat


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“About"Normal & Jealous" For some reason my gmail doesn't let me send any picture so I can't keep it up.

Unintentional Catcalling

Unintentional Catcalling

Eingebettetes Bild, part 18

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Puurrrfect by Freeze-chan

okay this would be real nice thobut wouldn't mari be like"wait. i threw adrien agreste- ADRIEN AGRESTE- across paris and used him as a weapon.