#wattpad #ngu-nhin PHẦN 1: CÁNH CỬA ROSE Câu chuyện xoay quanh 12 chòm sao trên con đường tình yêu đầy gian nan và vất vả. Liệu họ còn có thể nắm chặt tay nhau để đến được cuối con đường-nơi tình yêu thuộc về hay không? Mong các bạn ủng hộ cho Utau nha •>v<• * vì mình cung Sư Tử nên xin phép ưu tiên Sư chút...

Cute anime puppet girl wearing lolita white dress with silver hair and blue eyes

Une petite Ayano pour le moins attirante

images for anime girl fantasy

Starlight's Lullaby-by FindMagic  Hush now young Starlight, Your destiny awaits, Breaking the pain of the dawn, Wake at the death of daylight, Seek power in the moon, Spread this soft lullaby, Across the night, And let your calm sleep arrive soon, And let your calm sleep arrive soon.

such pretty blues, anime/manga

Parese una jefe solo que kawaii

Hibiki in Kancolle

rough illust of a girl and a teru teru bozu

art by Cymphony

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I love pinning anime because I am able to try to do it later!

cute fashionable anime cat girl

Without the catlike features this pic is kinda like "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (the sequel to Alice in Wonderland) character design

✮ ANIME ART ✮ Alice in Wonderland. I would watch an Alice in wonderland anime!

Me lembra do cat noir e da ladybug

I'm Crissie, or at least that's what you can call me since I never give out my real name. I'm 14 and I'm what you'd call a "goth-Lolita-girl" type of gal. My codename is "The Kawaii Assassin" because I can hook anyone on charm!

She glares at the boy, sighing deeply and says " look I'm busy, mabye later ok? " her voice stiff and soft. ((Roleplay))

Seu cabelo e esse olhos *-* More violet eyes

Gorgeous Anime Girl in Blue Dress with Pink Hair -  Learn more about Wacom graphics tablets, go to Wacomtabletreviews.net

Credit to the Artist

Reminds me of a song I love....All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful the Lord God made them all.

She made the snow dance on the tip of her finger ideas. She made the snowflakes dance as they fell silently onto the bottom.

C: Sara by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

Cute Chibi Anime Girl - C: Sara by Hyanna-Natsu on deviantART

hình ảnh cung song ngư anime - Tìm với Google

The Idolmaster Cinderella girls Ranko Kanzaki He's so cute ♥

图片 -- TOPIT.ME 收录优美图片  http://xn--80aapluetq5f.xn--p1acf/2017/01/09/%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-topit-me-%e6%94%b6%e5%bd%95%e4%bc%98%e7%be%8e%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87/

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