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loudsalmon: “some doodles from sevens route ahgshj it was gooddd ”

(1) Twitter | I want V 's route | MM

True, but Zen isn't my favorite. But if it's route characters only, Seven is my first, thrn Yoosung. <<I just started the game and I'm on day 8 of Yoosungs route, but 707 is my favourite still

v / Jihyun Kim

v / Jihyun Kim I haven't play his rute yet

101 Dalmatians parody lol (if the longcat and Elly had done this it'd be even better XD)

sketchyy-pencil: “Imagine if in the RFA Dogs au, before MC joins the organization she meets Seven once in that 101 Dalmatians style ”

kawaii, seven, and mystic messenger 이미지

awwwwwww seven you're so cute when you mess you on accident