momos de este hermoso juego otome ♥           21/10/16 #14 en humor   03/12/16 #53 en de todo          Y sus personajes:     Yoosung:...

MMemes ϟ mystic messenger - #24 daddy

Guess not having eyes runs in the family… Credits to Haru-tan

Saeyoung "707" "Luciel" Choi X MC, Mystic Messenger

wedding photoshoot goals I guess but it'd be cool if they were in sPACE OH SHIT


Mystic Messenger makes it extremely difficult to feel annoyed with trends I hate.

Me when I first start off the game : "I regret nothing " After finishing the game and having a horrible sleeping pattern with crippling depression : "I regret everything "

Juninho is triggered like 'WhErE aRe ThE cAt FiLtErS' << I read that in his voice

My two favourite things. Mystic Messenger and The Road to El Dorado.

This is so perfect omg! They go so well together (Road to El Dorado and MM)