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Rin Okumura -- Blue Exorcist

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ao_no_exorcist black_hair blue_eyes blue_fire fire jonohara male necktie okumura_rin pointy_ears sheath solo striped striped_necktie sword unsheathing weapon

Rin and Kuro ~ blue exorcist

Blue Exorcist ~~ Rin Okumura and Kuro (who blends into Rin's hair a bit).

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ו~ Imagenes: Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist~•× - Rin - Yukio

Blue exorcist ahhhhh

Rin x Yukio (Ao No Exorcist) this is adorable! Brotherly love is the best. Now can someone write a fic where Rin teases Yukio with his tail?