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83c64524a7262e373039e8ad9e17d1657597f45437297-yq1ibq_fw580.jpg (540×1543)

83c64524a7262e373039e8ad9e17d1657597f45437297-yq1ibq_fw580.jpg (540×1543)

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Inspiring image anime, fantasy, kawaii, pink, unicorn by korshun - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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[[ ✧ ιsητ τнιs sυρροsεδ το вε τнε ραгτγ ❀ ]]

now we're lost somewhere in outer space in a hotel room where demons play

Aww, cute neko girl, and what is that? Her little pet cat? <3

Aika, meaning love song, is 13 years old but has an amazing and extremely talented singing voice. Her voice catches a lot of boys and girls attention. Aika is currently dating Aoi, meaning blue.

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OMOCAT! This is relatable...

OMOCAT is a prolific and internationally-renowned Asian-American artist. Her continuum of work which includes illustration, comics, and clothing is heavily influenced by Japanese media and pop culture.

ADOPTED Rikki is very shy. She doesn't talk much, and almost never leaves her room. Her cat's name is Dalli.

uma imagem um tanto épica mas que representa bem o estilo do Pastel Goth