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An Aztec Dancer for Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival in Los Angeles, carrying on a Mexican tradition which is connected to the catholic “All Souls Day” and coinciding with “Halloween” celebrations around the world on November 1 and 2.

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www.villsethnoatlas.wordpress.com (Aztekowie, Aztecs) Aztec Dancer.JPG (150289 bytes)

www.villsethnoatlas.wordpress.com (Aztekowie, Aztecs) Aztec Dancer.JPG (150289 bytes)

Puro Azteca

Man in Eagle costume from Compañía de Danza Folklórica Tenochtitlán / Tenochtitlan Folkloric Dance Company, Mexico

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Crow dress from the Met exhibit. I love the nature incorporation! Definitely a main concern of mine and this is a beautiful inspiration.

Culture teaches us values and beliefs. There are so many cultures in our world. That is what makes our world so interesting. I love to learn about other cultures because you see how different people are, even how similar they are.

He still knows how to dance it which means that he hasn't forgotten his culture. I can write about my uncles experience and my culture.


I love Avante Garde. It can be dark, twisted and delusional. But isn't that what Dark Souls consider beautiful? We find beauty in the unusual, we see past the morbid and celebrate the life in the shadows.

Nantacoke Eagle Dancer

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ John "Laughing Wolfe" Moore Spreads His Wings To Fly In His Bald Eagle Dance at The Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow

Festa popolare in Sardegna

Mamuthones (Nuoro, Italian Sardinia) in traditional carnival costume used for pre-Christian rites to ancient gods of agriculture. The mask is carved in pieces of wild pear wood & darkened alder walnut.