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Дин Сей: - Ещё скорбишь? Это понятно. - Наши отношения никогда не были формальными. Зачем начинать сейчас? - Я хочу пригласить тебя на ужин сегодня вечером.

white haired anime boy - this looks like a fully grown version of that kid with a teddy bear from Diabolik Lovers<< well he is from diabolik lovers XD<<it's Subaru

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Inspiring image anime boy, cat ears, monochrome, neko, anime by - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Cool Anime boy - light brown hair,blue/brownish eyes (can't quite tell)

I dont understand. but it's good that i have a korean for a seatmate!

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i'm 17 with orange eyes and medium red hair i'm pretty chill, so ya know. i'm spilled rich kid, but feel like i'm missing something important, i just can't remember what.