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Two knocked out Panther Ausf. G tanks getting an interested look from a British soldier.

A soldier inspects two knocked-out German PzKpfw V Panther tanks near Foy-Notre-Dame, Belgium, 29 December

Nazi project, the Ratte Р1000 tank - prototype, was never completely built. Would have been 1,000 tons with 10 inches of hardened steel armour.

Designed as early as the was intended to be 35 meters long, 14 meters wide, and 11 meters tall. These are the exact specifications in cooperation between Porsche, Henschel & Son, and MAN SE company.

Heavy tanks IS-2 in czechoslovakian army in Prague / czołgi cięzkie IS-2m w armii czechosłowackiej na ulicach Pragi

bmashina: “ A column of tanks of the Czechoslovak army corps on the streets of Prague. The case was part of the Ukrainian front of the red Army. Near the tank car Opel Kadett ”

Berlin, dirigiendo el trafico en 1945

historicaltimes: “Mariya Shalneva directs traffic in the ruins of Berlin, 2 May Photo: Yevgeniy Khaldey ”

Battle of Berlin 1945 *Pic Thread*

A King Tiger abandoned in the streets after the Battle of Berlin is over during 1945

Танки Т-34-85 31-го танкового корпуса в Праге

Танки Т-34-85 31-го танкового корпуса в Праге