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Balrog selfi

Balrog selfi

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A Journey To the Center of the Earth (A still from the movie Emerald Forest)

juliedillon: Sketches fromMiddle-Earth: Visions of a Modern Mythby Donato Giancola. More sketches can be seen at his blog post on Muddy Colors.

Illustrations for Middle-Earth: Visions of a Modern Myth, drawn by Donato Giancola via Muddy Colors I simply love pencil and chalk works!

Shit, why this happened to me? #pop_art #comic                                                                                                                                                      More

I have a sneaky suspicion that my garden is not all it appears to be. To the untrained eye it’s a colorful jumble of flowers, shrubs, and short fat dogs. But to the warren of rabbits snug in their earthen … … Continue reading →

Balrog, MA ZF on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/balrog-2eade037-462f-4506-b4d6-61b89110367b

spassundspiele: Balrog – fantasy concept by MA ZF

Balor Demon ~ HD: 14d10 AC:22 ~~~ Sword OR Whip = 1d10+1 OR 1d10 (and grapples near body, dealing 4d4 fire damage) ~~~ Saves = F+10, R+8, W+12, and +4 Initiative ~~~ Specials: Casts Darkness at will, Ebon Eyes at will, Flame Blade 2 x day, and Gate (call other demons) 1 x day ~~~ Locations: Live deep underground, balrog like demon, six are known to exist.

Balor Demon by BenWootten

Balrog selfi

Balrog selfi

Stellar beads depicting the life cycle of our sun. May, 1974  Vintage national geographic scan

Stellar beads depicting the life cycle of our sun. May, 1974 Vintage national geographic scan

Even though I'm calling this artist out on capturing only the smallest aspect of FotR to represent the film, the Balrog is pretty sweet

One of the most awesome poster for LOTR - Keith Negley - Silver Screen Society

'Deeper' by Ben Andrews #Illustration #Fantasy #DigitalArt

Deeper by Ben Andrews, based on this image.

Permalien de l'image intégrée

Anime picture with original rias-coast single tall image short hair brown hair sky looking away girl dress window building (buildings) white dress (wire) wires chair short dress fence

#cyberpunk #SciFi #futurism #futuristic #sciencefiction #dystopia #utopia

A dark blue city ascends into the sky by feng zhu. Traditional architecture survives into the future as massive structures are built around it.

サイバーパンクな路地裏を猫が散歩するアドベンチャーゲーム開発中! | Game*Spark - 国内・海外ゲーム情報サイト

HK Project is a video game where you play cat exploring Hong Kong’s densely populated, mostly ungoverned Kowloon Walled City. Players control a cat as it explores its stylized world by jumpin…

The Art Of Animation, Peng Zhou

sunshine by ZhouPeng - Zhou Peng


A Separate Reality: New Paintings of Dystopian Worlds by Alex Andreev science fiction painting illustration digital

Master of the books by Waldemar Bartkowiak........Click on image to enlarge....

The Zyne Legacy Contemporary Fantasy Books - reincarnating witches, demon shifters, soul-sucking wraiths, and elemental mysteries. // Master of the books by Waldemar Bartkowiak