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Van kleur wisselen zonder draadjes!

The Russian Join - How to Change Color with no knot. My only question is how to make the color change exactly where you need it.

This works amazingly. Especially on bulkier yarns

Russian Join - No more weaving in ends! Hate weaving in ends? The Russian join is an excellent technique for attaching a new skein of yarn or for changing colors. Best of all, it creates a secure join, so you can keep crocheting or knitt.

Yarn Hack: How To Seamlessly Switch Yarn Colors! – Crafty House

Yarn Hack: How To Seamlessly Switch Yarn Colors! – Crafty House But could you get it to line up exactly where you need the color change?

Faden vernähen mitten im Gestrick: Bild 2

Faden vernähen mitten im Gestrick: Bild 2


podkins: “ The Weavers Knot found via Yet Another Canadian Artisan who says: “ I ran across this page in a very old weaving book. The is the knot that is used in the spinning mill to join yarn when it breaks while being spun. The advantage being that.

This is called a Russian join. It is used to join a new color or new ball of yarn without having to weave in ends.  Amazing!!

Russian Join Tutorial - changing yarn colors and new skeins with no more weaving in the tails! Gotta learn how to do this. Weaving in ends after color changes are my LEAST favorite part of any crochet project.

Invisible join - I knew there had to be an easier way!. by ritari

TURBO Your PC site Join Yarn Invisibly - Picture Tutorial. Would have been SO handy to know 4 projects ago.

What different cast-ons look like from Stitchery Witchery. Don't keep wondering!

This about covers the different cast-on methods. ungendered-yarn: What different cast-on’s look.