Flower Tattoo # 99

Flower Tattoo # 99 - Finest example of hibiscus flower tattoo artwork we've seen anywhere. Gorgeous babe with gorgeous pink top and amazingly gorgeous colorful hibiscus tattoo.

Yellow hibiscus tattoo-Hawaii state flower and my next tat to remember this wonderful paradise :)

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I'm in love with my half sleeve. I've had my sleeve for two years now and I would never go back. There are 3 hibiscus flowers on and a tattoo of a bird and a tattoo of a heart. The detail is my favourite part.

Hibiscus tattoo just the flowers

40 Magnificent Hibiscus Flower Tattoos

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Hawaiian tattoos designs have a history of almost thousands of years. They have gained much popularity since Hawaiian tattoos are not only full of

Hibiscus by Sabrina Ricci, via Flickr                                                                                                                                                           Hibiscus                                                  ..

Hibiscus flower is the genus of large flowers which grow in most tropical areas of the world. It is now one of favorite choices for women’s tattoo ideas. Hibiscus tattoos not only come in a magnificent variety of colors… Continue Reading →