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ehanneri: - missing person walks into a police station - is side by side next to their 'missing' poster - "I think you've been looking for me?

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Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices.    - Edgar Argo

What did gentiles need to do to become Christians? This major controversy was settled by the Jerusalem conference of Acts How was the law changed?

[First chapter introduction, last chapter/epilogue] "And now you're probably asking yourself If you really can freeze time and whatnot, why don't you break out, why are you still here, well... I'm just killing time." They could briefly see him grin at his own joke- than the lights went out. Just for a split-second, maybe not even that long, but when it flipped on again, Kevin was gone.

A very modern interpretation of an interrogation room that has a lighter feel and a camera to record and make sure things are handled appropriately.

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(Open to seniors or teachers) Liz was in the senior Co-Ops room, looking at a project from last year. Her eyes scanned the red connecting lines, remembering the project.