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우리가 지껄이는 말과 우리의 상전인 말님의 이름은 왜 같은줄 아느냐?..발이 있는 우리의 말님도 천리를 가고 발이 없는 말도 천리를 가기 때문이다 -다산 정약용

8 Beautiful Brown Horse Running Wallpapers for your Desktop Free. Use & Share below Running Brown Horses Wallpapers for your Desktop Backgro.

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High key portrait Well it's been fun having maisy here for a week and now it's time for her to head home. I'll end the set with this Image I 've just taken in the garden using the apollo sotfbox and one speed light,went for the high key look

American Paint Horses: Bringing Color into the Show

American Paint Horses: Bringing Color into the Show Many horses typically carry clues to their origins in their names. The same is true for the American

Bald Eagle on Ice!

pathodel: (via Eagle On Ice Photograph by James Geddes - Eagle On Ice Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale."Eagle on Ice" ~ Photo by James .

Thumbelina, the Smallest Horse in the World, Steals Hearts Everywhere - Neatorama

Thumbelina, the world’s smallest horse weighs 60 pounds. The height of this dwarf miniature horse is only 17 inches tall. For you horse people out there, that's only about 4 hands!

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The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats. The most beautiful horse I've ever seen!

$25 New Holland stallion granted new life ~ a heart warming story ♥

Melissa Rudershausen’s hand shot up through the stale, fetid air, as the smell of frightened livestock hit her like a blast of bad wind. Tearing up from the stench that clung to her clothes, the sm…


Chincoteague Ponies enjoying the Beach. Chincoteague is an island off the coast of Virginia. Assateague island is where the horses live wild.

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Full reflection of a horse peacefully drinking at the water under dark gray clouds and yellow. No artist signature, Very nice art. photo from crescentmoon, pin via Julia Clark.