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나이 든 아담과 하와의 모습

사후 생명, 성경은 무엇이라고 말하는가?

Adam and Eve lost the right to live forever, eventually they grew old and died.

Desenho mostrando as várias designações que Jesus teve: ajudar a criar as coisas, vir para a Terra, ensinar os discípulos, dar a vida para salvar outros e ser o Rei do Reino de Deus

Será que a modéstia ainda é importante?

Jesus helps with creation, is born as a human, teaches his disciples, dies sacrificially, and reigns as King of the Kingdom

Um anjo em pé no sol, e aves voando no céu

Dê honra a Cristo, o glorioso Rei!

Ana orando

Jehová nos consuela en todas nuestras pruebas

Watchtower Study July What examples from both Bible times and our time can help us find the comfort we need?

O obediente Jó fala de sua angústia (Jó 6-10)

O obediente Jó fala de sua angústia (Jó 6-10)

Um habilidoso copista dos tempos antigos trabalhando

Como Deus nos orienta?

An ancient skilled copyist at work .Why can we trust that all what is writen in the Bible is true?

Cartão Bíblico: Noemi

Cartão Bíblico: Noemi

Maria espantada com o que vê

The Angel Gabriel visits mary & tells her she will bear a son & His name shall be called Jesus

Faithful men and women in the Bible: Abram (Abraham), Elijah, Ruth | Imitate Their Faith Book | (MY FAVORITE)

Imitate Their Faith

Imitate Their Faith. Faithful men and women in the Bible: Abram (Abraham), Elijah, Ruth

A man in Bible times prays

Trust in Jehovah God With All Your Heart

Proverbs 3 assures us that Jehovah God will reward our trust in him. How can you determine whether you trust in Jehovah with all your heart?

Um casal discutindo

Testemunhas de Jeová — site oficial

An angel appears to Moses at a burning bush

What the Bible Says About Angels

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As a man works on a car, another man gives him a cold drink

What Does the Bible Say About Gratitude?

Showing gratitude has many proven benefits. It is good for your well-being and will improve your relationship with others. Learn how to cultivate a grateful spirit.