wood NIKE feature wall - it's not 'what' it says, but the fact 'that' it says... something! Only when and where do I have wall space not filled with book shelves ;)

Nike Kitchen Wood Wall Design - Cool concept for integrating branding in a unique way

wood typography . . . I can't resist a G

Gotham G in wood. photo by Nick Sherman. On the exterior of Guru, a design store and gallery co-owned by graphic / type designer Quique Ollervides

Tigermouse Design

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THERE design - Elevator wall graphics

THERE design - Elevator wall graphics can enhance and modernize a small space with large print. Labeling your elevator also gives some reference for an otherwise repetitive space.

MAJA RESTAURANTE / pinned on Toby Designs

I like this - I wonder if you could do a TSL in the middle, with a circle like this playing with a single color version and a multiple color version with the circles around

sign light

Horie Park Apartments / Terminal01

The Upper House, Hong Kong, Hotel design

Postcards From: The Upper House, Hong Kong