The colourscape is a great idea to help set a cohesive colour palette for my works.

I liked the idea its good way to use colours and clouds is a god way to use it. All the colours are symbols of happines and so as the sky and clouds. I liked the contrast too.

This pin is similar to the first pin, it has those fine white lines that show the proportion of the bird. I like how it shows the original image and then it transforms into a pixelated bird. Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.


Omg i so want a version of this for my house. would be perfect for the small space! CARAMELLA Counter Sofa - PIANO ISOLA (too big for a tiny house on trailer but great for something not quite so tiny)

This shows several different examples of layouts and grids that can be used in laying out a website using wireframes.

Website Flowchart & Sitemap

"EMD Website Flowcharts for Illustrator – UX Kits" My notes: Tips for designing web layout

I want to have a picture like this someday!


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh have been married for 63 years. Love this picture for her highness Queen Elizabeth II.

Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato.

There's no Pluto though. :( //Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato - I love the colors going along with the main colors of the planets themselves, as well as how it coordinates with the background and words of each picture.

Karen Longs posted SOCIAL PRISM by dimitra papastathi, via Behance to their -design concepts/ideas- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.


FUNDACIÓN PROA on Behance: Beautiful color scheme, feels futuristic almost. Very creative layout style and use of text.

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

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Logo and Web Design - TFT by ~Tngabor on deviantART

Logo and Web design. TFT (Telefonoteka) is a quarterly magazine that catalogs companies from Serbia, Vojvodina. They distribute the magazine for free. Logo and Web Design - TFT

mu chang wu - typo/graphic posters

“the preciousness and values of democracy and freedom” by mu chang wu / taiwan, 2014 / digital print, 841 x 1189 mm