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Find new sketchbook ideas, painting and journal prompts or DIY projects for a craft party or a self care night with your bestie. Create art, bendy candles or…
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diy wedding invitation rehersal dinner watercolor table setting using procreate

DIY wedding invitations

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Pet photo ideas

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I always identified with the curvy figures that were fleshy and soft, the “rubenesque” bodies painted by Peter Paul Rubens in the 16th century. His representations of realistic bodies that glorify curves are inspirational to me. @audreylynn923 
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I had always thought that I needed to earn the right to be admired and to be called beautiful. But I don’t want to care about a tight-fitting bra, growing stretchmarks, or untamed body hair. I want to love my body without holding back. @ciaokyla 
art, women, self-love, curves

Celebrating every body

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Floral arrangements

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Get clear about our heart’s desires with these Journal Prompts + Mindfulness & Mind Map Workshop built to help you create and live a life that you love. Podcast Topics Covered: ● Why Meg and I believe in the power of practical self-care ● What mind mapping is and how it’s a tool to reset + journal prompts ● Getting grounded with three breaths ● How to dive into our desires and find language for it ● Limiting beliefs and how negative self-talk can impact action steps ● Using your creativity to illustrate the word you wrote in your Mind Map ● A Heart Breathing exercise to get clear about how you want to feel and the steps to take forward Click to the episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or on your favorite podcast platform. xo Chef Carla

Journal prompts

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Spa day at home

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Unique Crystal Matchbox Adorned with Gemstones and their Names 50 Sticks Per Box Striker on the Side of the Box Box Measures 4.5 x .75 x 2.75 Inches A Perfect Accompaniment to a Candle

Matchbook art

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DIY movie night

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17 Budget-Friendly and Easy Photo Wall Ideas - Photojaanic Blog
✦ʚ♡🌟ɞ✦ DIY & Craft 💫✨ LOVE SICK💜"Discover a world of aesthetic DIY inspiration and unleash your inner artist. From painting to crafting, let your creativity soar and bring beauty into every corner of your life. #AestheticInspiration #DIYProjects #CreativeIdeas #ArtisticExpression #AestheticLiving💖🌈DIY & Craft ✨LOVE SICK🎀 Credit : Sarah Inoue

New year, new DIYs

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Date night ideas

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Scrapbook collage stickers found objects mixed media journal diary paper art
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Junk journaling

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creativr ways to unwind crochet


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Crunch through this quick 5-minute abs workout for those busy days when you only have a few minutes to spare! This routine features 5 effective ab exercises that target your entire core. Do each exercise for 45 second exercise, with 15 seconds of rest in between. No equipment is needed for this routine - just your own bodyweight. It's the perfect quick workout to strengthen and tone your abs when you're short on time.
Save this 5-minute mobility routine to make your joints happy + to reinforce optimal movement patterns! - Minute 1: shoulder CARs (controlled articular rotations) - a great exercise for shoulder health. Perform 3 on each side. - Minute 2: cat/cow articulations - for a mobile, fluid spine - Minute 3: gate pull backs - mobilize the hips while continuing to move towards that overhead shoulder position that so many of us struggle with. Perform 30 seconds on each side. - Minute 4: plank —> lunge w

Bite-sized workouts

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This is our 40 ft 2004 Fleetwood Revolution Motorhome that we have renovated inside to make it ours. I hope you hiys enjoy this 60 sec tour!

Travel resolutions

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Beauty resolutions

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This week on Scrappy Cooking we’re taking all the leftover veggies and making crispy, delicious rice paper dumplings! It’s the perfect way to avoid waste and get your nutrients. Get the full recipe on our blog!
The most complicated part about sourdough is timing and technique, after that it's just flour, salt, water and yeast. Here's my easy, fool-proof sourdough recipe that covers everything you need to make a loaf at home!

Food resolutions

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Need more storage solutions? 🍷 Much of the time we don’t need a bigger space — we just need to creatively enjoy the space we have.
DIY a custom grout color for kitchen backsplash. Contrast or pastel grouting is popular right now, but it's commonly found in Scandinavian interiors!

Home resolutions

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Spark some aesthetic journal ideas & try out some new mediums in your sketchbook!! 🌈🖍️💡✨

DIY and art resolutions

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👇👉 3 pants hacks EVERY CURVY WOMAN should know! These are all great no sew alternatives when you need a quick fix! Curvy Outfits I Hacks Video I Pants Outfit I Fashion Outfits I Hauls Video

Fashion resolutions

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Put your appreciation on paper with our gratitude journals. Cultivate an ongoing practice with daily prompts and monthly check-ins. Uplifting affirmations and inspiring mantras help you find joy on good days and bad. Take a mindful moment to recognize what feels good, or try an activity to find out what you’re grateful for. You’ll thank us later.

Reflection journaling

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Our tattoos last 1-2 weeks and fade as your skin naturally regenerates. Painless and easy to apply. Delivered to your doorstep.

Mini sketches

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Friendship bracelets

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Coloring pages

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Y2K journal aesthetic

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DIY hats

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