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Elite Royal Army Troops Polish hussar and Musketeer at the battle of Vienna

Anatoly Telenik - paintings & sketches

Salve, this year is still new -:) so I am planning to start a new theme - contemporary painters and illustrators , in whose art horses and ...

Fav Medieval Pics - Page 19 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

French knights assaulting a Burgundian castle

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The role of the Ancient Civilization of Sumeria Of The Anunnaki In Mesopotamia in the History of Civilization

Ancient Civilization of Sumeria Mesopotamia Anunnaki role in History

The evidence of the Anunnaki Ancient Alien Gods in the Bible and World History as it appears from the Bible's Old Testament and Ancient Sumerian Texts

Missile cavalry against roman infantry - Carrhae Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Sassanid, Roman Legion, Roman Republic, Medieval World, Roman Soldiers, Roman History, Alexander The Great
SassanidRoman Legion

Древний Рим. Поздняя республика

Самую популярную тему на форуме нужно пополнять Республиканский Рим: Спойлер (раскрыть) 1. Грэм Самнер. Поединок Тита Манлия с галльским воино...

La Pintura y la Guerra.

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“Mi cuadro preferido de Ferrer-Dalmau: La batalla de Otumba. Un episodio decisivo en la conquista de México @perezreverte #FILGuadalajara30”

Soldiers of LEGIO X GPF are moving through the hostile territory,AD Greater part of all Roman units or their vexillationes(detachments)are once aga. Trough the jungle

Pinturas y cuadros de la Antigüedad - Página 239

Foro Militar e Historia Militar el Gran Capitán

illustration of angus mcbride showing the Ancient Sumerian Empire in Mesopotamia with the Great Ziggurat of Ur in the background.

Ancient Iraq

illustration of angus mcbride showing the Ancient Sumerian Empire in Mesopotamia with the Great Ziggurat of Ur in the background.

An artist impression of Anglo Saxon London. Unfortunately little evidence remains of this period in the city's history as the foundations of the Century buildings destroyed the Anglo Saxon layer (the foundations didn't reach the Roman layer). Anglo Saxon History, European History, Ancient History, American History, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, Palace Of The Parliament, Norse Pagan
Anglo Saxon HistoryAncient Egyptian ArtAncient AliensNorse Pagan

Spanish Fort Greeting Card by Cliff Spohn Conquistador, Conquest Of Paradise, Lead Adventure, Portugal, Spanish Fort, The Golden Years, Forts, World History, 16th Century
ConquistadorThe Golden YearsFortsWorld History16th Century

Spanish Fort by Cliff Spohn

Spanish Fort Painting by Cliff Spohn

Iberian Warrior, by Ana Koehler?

By Raffaele Ruggeri

Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (31 BC - AD 195): Italia.

The World's Best Photos of epirus and illyria

Roman Legion in Battle. By Andrea Mazzocchetti

Roman soldiers at the Limes