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During winter, evergreen perennials not only add winter interest to the garden but can also conceal the dying foliage of other plants. Flowering evergreens present colorful displays in various seasons. View Tony Avent speaking about gardening with evergreen perennials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=LYsJwgPSAng&feature=emb_logo

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. at Juniper Level Botanic Garden
Fiona Sunrise Jasmine for sale buy Jasminum officinalis 'Frojas' Full Sun Perennials, Hardy Perennials, Summer Flowers To Plant, Planting Flowers, Tropical Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Grass For Sale, Dwarf Mondo Grass, Cottage Garden Plants

Jasminum officinale Frojas

This superb form of the Chinese scrambler, Jasminum officinale, comes from Fromefield Nursery in the UK. Unlike the species that has green leaves, this seedling boasts brilliant gold foliage that holds beautifully even in our hot, humid summers. The stems are home to deliciously fragrant, pure white flowers throughout the summer. As a gesture of forced integration, we encourage Jasminum 'Frojas' to scramble through other colored foliage plants such as purple loropetalum and smoke tree. Each…

Juncus patens 'Carman's Grey' Sun to part shade x evergreen Full Shade Plants, Shade Tolerant Plants, Bog Plants, Shade Perennials, Foliage Plants, Flowers Perennials, Bog Garden, Rain Garden, Garden Soil
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Juncus patens Carmans Grey

Juncus 'Carman's Grey', a selection of the California native Juncus patens, is one of our favorite rushes (no relation to R. Limbaugh). Introduced and named by grass guru, John Greenlee, Juncus 'Carman's Grey' was named for former California Nurseryman, Ed Carman. No leaves, just evergreen slender, upright steel blue stems to 22"...not leaning either to the right or left. The winter interest and color combinations possibilities of this architectural 2' wide specimen are endless! We grow this…

All Gold Shore Juniper for sale buy Juniperus conferta 'All Gold' Full Sun Perennials, Hardy Perennials, Sun Garden, Night Garden, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Mail Order Plants, Buy Plants Online, Ground Cover Plants, Marijuana Plants
Hardy PerennialsNight Garden

Juniperus conferta All Gold

We were blown away with Juniperus 'All Gold' when we first saw this in Pat McCracken's North Carolina nursery in 2009. We collect conifers, but we'd never seen anything quite like this brilliant selection of the common shore juniper, Juniperus conferta. As it turned out, Juniperus 'All Gold' is a sport from Juniperus 'Blue Pacific' discovered by Pat's friend, Leo Koelewyn, a conifer nurseryman in Monbulk, Australia. The mat of soft golden foliage will eventually reach 15'+ wide...our…

Juniperus conferta 'Sunsplash' from Brookside Gardens. Evergreen 15 inches, well-drained soil in the sun. Full Sun Perennials, Hardy Perennials, Sun Garden, Garden Plants, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Mail Order Plants, Variegated Plants, Marijuana Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants
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Juniperus conferta Sunsplash

This amazing Brookside Gardens release is still quite rare in the trade...except in variegated plant circles. This groundcover shore juniper has the typical green shore juniper foliage, except that it is heavily splotched bright gold. We have not found the gold pattern to fade, burn out, or revert, as is the case with many streaked plants. A large patch of Juniperus 'Sunsplash' is a very cool feature in the garden...expect a 5' wide patch in 3 years. As with all shore junipers, good drainage…

Dwarf Conifers for sale,Evergreen Shrubs,Buy Plants Online,Dwarf Conifers Michigan Blue, Evergreen Groundcover, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Copper Harbor, Buy Plants Online, Rock Garden Plants, Thing 1, Night Garden, Hardy Perennials
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Juniperus horizontalis Copper Harbor

Juniperus 'Copper Harbor' is an amazing gold-foliaged sport of the popular Juniperus horizontalis 'Bar Harbor', discovered in 2002 at Michigan's Blue Horizon Nursery. This dazzling North American native (Alaska to New England) evergreen groundcover forms a 1' tall x 6' wide brilliant yellow specimen, whose foliage morphs to copper during the winter months.

Mother Lode Juniper for sale buy Juniperus horizontalis 'Mother Lode' Evergreen Bush, Evergreen Shrubs, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Buy Plants Online, Rock Garden Plants, Night Garden, Hardy Perennials, Drought Tolerant Plants, Foliage Plants
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Juniperus horizontalis Mother Lode

(PP 5948 expired) We really love this 1985 introduction from Oregon's Iseli nursery that was reportedly discovered in 1980 after lightning hit a patch of Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltonii'. The result was a beautiful golden-foliage US native (Canada south to Illinois) groundcover juniper that we have enjoyed for over two decades in our rock garden. For us, Juniperus 'Mother Lode' makes a 4' wide, slowly growing patch that looks great in both summer and winter...superb!

Lola Red Hot Poker for sale buy Kniphofia 'Lola' from Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. Cottage Garden Plants, Sun Garden, Garden Bulbs, Orange Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Summer Flowers To Plant, Planting Flowers, Flowering Plants
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Kniphofia Lola

Thanks to NC plantsman Jim Massey for sharing this killer poker that he got from "Lola." Kniphofia 'Lola' is, as we say in the South, a big honker. In other words, it's big, it's bodacious, it's the Bo Derek of the red hot pokers. Our amazing clumps are 5' tall x 5' wide with 6-7' spikes of orange flowers in midsummer...a hub for hummingbirds. Kniphofia 'Lola' is not for the small garden, small people who are easily intimidated, or those who have been diagnosed with a heart condition. If you…

List of the best summer flowers: Summertime is the best time to garden as the summer blooming perennials are in full glory. Shop the best perennials that bloom all summer here at Plant Delights Nursery. Plants and Flowers that bloom all summer Bog Plants, Rock Garden Plants, Cottage Garden Plants, Flora Garden, Flowering Plants, Fall Flowers, Summer Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Beautiful Flowers
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Kniphofia rooperi

Kniphofia rooperi is a late-flowering South African red hot poker, native to coastal marshes with a couple of traits that set it apart from more commonly grown red hot pokers. Instead of a typical poker-like flower head, Kniphofia rooperi boasts a broad, squatty head, each exquisitely patterned yellow at the bottom and bright orange all the way to the top...a hummingbird delight. Secondly, the 3' flower spikes of Kniphofia rooperi emerge in August and continue through October....long after…

Try our hardy, drought-proof Lavender Phenomenal (Lavandula x intermedia) evergreen sun perennial plants - an ideal silver foliage groundcover planting

Lavandula intermedia Phenomenal PP 24193

(aka: Lavandula 'Niko') Lavandula 'Phenomenal' is a 2012 introduction from our friends at Peace Tree Farms that began its life as an exceptional sport (originally reported to us as a seedling) from Lavandula 'Grosso'. Reviews from around the country have called Lavandula 'Phenomenal' the best lavender ever produced. In our trials, 'Phenomenal' lavender has withstood heat and humidity better than any other Lavandula x intermedia we've trialed. That said, wet soils in the heat of summer are…

Lavandula stoechas 'Anouk' PP (Anouk Spanish Lavender) . good lavender for hot and humid climates Rock Garden Plants, Cottage Garden Plants, Garden Shrubs, Summer Flowers To Plant, Planting Flowers, Spanish Lavender, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Dark Purple Flowers, Lavender Flowers

Lavandula stoechas Anouk PP 16685

Lavandula 'Anouk' is a Dutch selection of the Spanish lavender, Lavandula stoechas, from Lammert Koning of Holland, who claims it is winter hardy to Zone 5b...which would be great, if true. 'Anouk' lavender was selected for its excellent outward branching but compact habit...2' tall x 8' wide in 5 years. The woody stems are adorned with pencil lead-thin, fragrant grey leaves. Each branch is topped, starting in late April and continuing for months, with short spikes ending in dark purple…

Iris louisiana Red Velvet Elvis (K. Vaughn : How can you resist a plant with such a wonderful name? Thanks to our friend, Dr. Kevin Vaughn of Oregon, for breeding this appropriately named sele.

Iris louisiana Red Velvet Elvis

How can you resist a plant with such a wonderful name? Thanks to our friend Dr. Kevin Vaughn, of Oregon, for breeding this aptly named selection. Kevin's 1997 introduction was awarded the DeBallion Award in 2005, the highest honor for a Louisiana iris. Starting in early May, Iris 'Red Velvet Elvis', a hummingbird favorite, produces 3' tall spikes of large flowers made up of ruby falls and mauve standards (they aren't red unless you're color blind). As with all Louisiana iris, they can be…

Louisiana Iris for sale buy Iris x louisiana Melon Cocktail Bog Garden, Cottage Garden Plants, Garden Soil, Gardening, Iris For Sale, Louisiana Iris, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Hummingbird Plants, Sun Perennials
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Iris louisiana Melon Cocktail

Iris x louisiana 'Melon Cocktail' is another of our favorite Louisiana iris hybrids. This vigorous 2002 introduction from hybridizer T.J. Betts produces masses of 3' tall stalks in early May, topped with luscious orangey-bronze flowers that often show a narrow yellow border and a small yellow throat. Iris 'Melon Cocktail' will grow in average garden soils but, like most Louisiana iris, will really go nuts when grown as a marginal aquatic in shallow water.

Iris louisiana Lucys Legacy (H. Pryor : Iris x louisiana 'Lucy's Legacy' is a stunning 1997 introduction from Australia's iris breeder Heather Pryor. Iris 'Lucy's Legacy' is topped, start. Cottage Garden Plants, Garden Soil, Gardening, Savannah Gardens, Iris For Sale, Louisiana Iris, Rabbit Resistant Plants, May Garden, Hummingbird Plants

Iris louisiana Lucys Legacy

Iris x louisiana 'Lucy's Legacy' is a stunning 1997 introduction from Australia's iris breeder Heather Pryor. Iris 'Lucy's Legacy' is topped, starting for us in early May with 31" tall spikes, ending with flower stalks bearing large bright russet-red flowers, highlighted by a butterscotch backside, and a bright central yellow throat. Like all Louisiana iris, Iris 'Lucy's Legacy' will grow in shallow water as well as in moist garden soils. We're unsure which Lucy's legacy is the…

Iris x louisiana 'Love me Do' can find Louisiana and more on our website.Iris x louisiana 'Love me Do' Cottage Garden Plants, Garden Soil, Gardening, Colorful Flowers, White Flowers, Savannah Gardens, Louisiana Iris, Spring Perennials, Rabbit Resistant Plants
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Iris louisiana Love me Do

Iris 'Love me Do' is a 1998 introduction from Australian Iris breeder, Bernard Pryor of our Southeast US native Louisiana Iris. The 32" tall stalks arise for us in late April/early May, topped with clusters of large cerise pink flower, each highlighted by dramatic yellow throat markings. The petal edges upturn slightly showing the light pink underneath, causing the flowers to appear edged with a white ring...quite dramatic. As with all Louisiana iris, they are equally happy growing in a few…

Joie de Vivre Louisiana Iris for sale buy Iris x louisiana 'Joie de Vivre'

Iris louisiana Joie de Vivre

(Pryor 97) Iris 'Joie de Vivre' is a Louisiana iris introduction from Heather and Bernard Pryor of Australia, who obviously have a great appreciation for our US native iris. For inquiring minds, 'Joie de Vivre' translates into "enjoyment of life." The flowers that top the clumps in late April through early May are a ruffled, reddish lavender/brown highlighted by a yellow central blotch. I'll bet that's not a color you've seen very often...unless you frequent some seedy downtown street…

Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris for sale buy Iris x louisiana 'Black Gamecock' Ornamental Grasses For Shade, Iris For Sale, Louisiana Iris, Rabbit Resistant Plants, Wine Making Kits, Hummingbird Plants, Shade Grass, Best Perennials, Cottage Garden Plants
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Iris louisiana Black Gamecock

(Chowning 78) iris 'Black Gamecock' is an award-winning, deer-resistant Louisiana iris hybrid that makes a huge, 5' tall clump of wide, iris-like foliage, topped in early May with stunning, Elvis-like, dark blue, velvet-colored flowers...a hummingbird haven. Louisiana iris go semi-dormant in the heat of summer, and reflush in fall, remaining evergreen all winter. Iris x louisiana 'Black Gamecock' grows equally as well in moist soils as in 4" of standing water.