∆ Minus Minus Plus by Irene Shkarovska

layout ideas - I like the positioning of the text it has no order yet it is very neat. Also the small text boxes of writing are placed randomly. There are elements of disorder yet it looks very ordered.

Tea Ave Oolong http://arcreactions.com/services/video-production/

Tea Ave Oolong - I love how they photographed the products against colored backgrounds in their brand colors!

It's a picture of the ocean that's ripped on top, and placed in a frame with the top part of the frame removed to make it look almost like it's holding the water. clever

Random Inspiration 95

Clever Ocean Wall Art - a picture of the ocean ripped at the top placed in a frame with the top removed makes it appear to be holding the water.

confetti studio.

Creative Minimalistic Business Card Design of Julie McAughtrie from Spilt Milk Design. Designed by Confetti Studio.