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Explosive reaction - shoes

Explosive reaction - shoes I was designing like this 12 years ago. Nice to see everyone finally catching up.

Basement iOS on Market (

An expertly crafted Wireframe Kit for quick effortless prototyping, and mobile app design assistance.

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I've just started working on the UI Style Guide for this project to keep the visual consistency.

Small freshness seal with logo on it in the same color scheme as the label creates a nice even look.

색조전문화장품, 제품, 매장정보, 메이크업포인트, 온라인쇼핑몰, 채용정보 제공

색조전문화장품, 제품, 매장정보, 메이크업포인트, 온라인쇼핑몰, 채용정보 제공