Painted Hills Fossil Beds, Oregon

~~John Day Fossil Beds National Monument ~ Painted Hills Fossil Beds, Oregon by David Bostock Photography~~

Holi by Variable.

Variable travelled to India to film Holi Festival with high speed Phantom Flex camera. At 2500 frames per second things look even more interesting.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy - created from scraped stones, broken and arranged in a spiral. Andy Goldsworthy is a famous environmental artist. His work is meant to return to earth in a natural way, the camera being the only man-made element related to his art.

Kinetic rings by Dukno Yoon mimic flight of birds. View source to see it in motion.

Kinetic Rings Mimic the Flight of Birds. Kansas-based metalsmith and jeweler Dukno Yoon creates rings, bracelets, and other devices that mimic the movements of birds by harnessing the motion caused by the flick of the wrist or flexing of fingers.

Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan

'Fluid II,' a beautiful hanging installation by London-based sculptor artist Claire Morgan Strawberries, taxidermied crow, fishing hooks, nylon. via booooooom

Lady of 'The Arts': Plexus Series By Gabriel Dawe

Plexus no. 9 Installation by Gabriel Dawe For the ninth project in his ongoing Plexus series, artist Gabriel Dawe has used his trademark materials – thread and fibres – to prove how fashion and architecture are related.

Frame Clock

egedesign: “ “Frame”Design by Nazar Şigaher from İstanbul The hour and minute hands of Frame have frames made of material identical to that of hour and minute hands. The clock constantly changes its.