The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

Average U.S. Office Worker Uses 10,000 Sheets of Paper Per Year

While digital media theoretically lessens the need for paper — everything from e-readers to online shopping has the potential to cut down on paper usage — data shows that the average American still uses the equivalent of a Douglas fir tree each year.

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Building The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie For Any Kind Of Craving I Jumpstart your New Year's resolution of healthy eating with this cheat sheet for how to make the perfect smoothies.

Design- This could be used as infographics but it's very simple and I enjoy the contrast of color. the contrast, we could keep in mind while taking pictures.

The strawberry stands out well and is well designed, the colour scheme makes the poster more appealing.

I like how the colors are a bit neutral, which reminds me of coffee and I like how it is easy to follow with the small visuals that go along with it.

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