Создание упаковки светодиодных ламп «Оптоган»

Создание упаковки светодиодных ламп «Оптоган»

Cardboard Lamp Packaging by Audrey Blouin

Packaging service users are now becoming responsible by using the new creation of Audrey Blouin, using a simple and small sheet of corrugated cardboard.

A Lamp Inspired By Ancient Japanese Dolls

A Lamp Inspired By Ancient Japanese Dolls

This is the Foscarini Doll - the small table lamp that is the result of a combination of feminine sensitivity and Foscarini’s technological design research capabilities.

Reusable light bulb packaging can transform into a lamp shade.

The packaging of the Lemnis lightbulb can be reused and transformed into a lampshade.

Bright Thinking (Student Work) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Bright Thinking (Student Work)

Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

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INSIGNIA Equivalent Dimmable LED Light Bulb, Lasts more than 22 years;