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Log Bowls // Made of reclaimed logs with a colorful gloss interior.

Great idea for a dog dish - possibly DYI with an old bowl and carving wood! Log Bowl Large Aqua by Loyal Loot // Made of a reclaimed log with a colorful gloss interior

L'ARTISAN PARFUMEUR Cedre Bleu scented candle and lid set

This limited edition candle has a rich, resinous scent that evokes a Mediterranean forest on a warm summer day, when the umbrella pines and the blue cedars sway in the sea breeze.

The Paan Daan mouth freshener Packaging on Behance

The complete branding and packaging of a DIY-Paan kit-a common Indian mouth freshener wrapped in betel leaf. The six compartments of my product are meant for the different ingredients used when making paan. The aim was to allow users to make paan at hom…