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Personal Calendar

Weather App inspiration via Muzli. “What the heck is the story with weather apps?” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Rejected calendar UI I had worked on lately. Let me know what you guys think :)   Taste the real pixel guys

Stupid iCalendar

This graphic, along with the design of the app, shows effective design for small spaces. But it also shows a strict use of structure and symmetry. I dig the value scale used here.

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Date range

Dev guys told me to post this since is was so great. Then said it would take too long to develop so it was cut, haha.

UI Patterns » Calendar(mobile)    http://www.mobiletuxedo.com/fast-calendar-tasks/

Beautifully Designed Mobile Apps With Excellent UI Experience in Mind **calendar**

20 Eye-Catching Mobile Calendar Designs For Your Inspiration

20 Eye-Catching Mobile Calendar Designs For Your Inspiration

today's article we are showcasing the best and inspiring Mobile Calendar UI Designs including the calendar widgets, schedulers etc.

Peek Calander

Peek is a quick and easy to use calendar for iPhone designed and crafted by Squre Mountains.