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I like the image being upside down at the top, looks like opposite sides of the world. I don't like the placement of the purse. I would remove the purse looks out of place and draws to much of your eye.

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폴아웃 4 컨셉 아트 | Daum 루리웹

Fallout 4 has a hell of a visual identity, and Bethesda would be please if you looked at it. The Fallout 4 art team produced twice as many assets for…

cute robot concept - Google Search

Cute robot concept, the requirement was no legs and has to have screen. I wish I could have legs for them because it would be cuter.

T-3000 Robot by Samardac

designed by ~samardac - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Paintings & Airbrushing, Robots by Fribly Editorial