Norigae (hangul: 노리개) is a typical traditional accessory that is hung from a woman's jeogori goreum (coat strings) or hanbok chima (skirt) of Korean traditional dress.

Hanbok | Korea

한복 Hanbok for an Empress / Traditional Korean dress . Reminds me so much of the Empress Ki amazing outfits

My wedding / 바이단의 한복 컬렉션 가을 정취를 담은 한복 / 기자/에디터 : 도나형 / 사진 : 김성진 / 모델 김미선, 이지민 / 헤어&메이크업 위드(헤어 수민 메이크업 서유진) / 한복 바이단

This is a recollection of Asian traditional clothing and their evolution nowadays. There will be fusion kimono or hanbok, and fashion inspired by those style or fabric.