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Illustration inspiration

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WISH I MADE two elements as one, clever art Tiny figurines interacting with everyday objects in interesting ways (By Miniature Calendar)

This photomontage would be a great advertisement for Ready Whip. Just as the clouds that hover above the mountains act as a natural "topping" that looks light and fluffy, so does Ready Whip on any kind of dessert!

This example of photomontage is interesting because it combines a mountain range with a vintage photo of a little boy with whipped cream. It is a light hearted image and pairs well with the light nature of the whipped cream.


Joe Webb, Stirring Up A Storm, Original Collage Courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

liar > 엽기와의 만남 > 상상을 자극하는 조형물

Hippo Sculptures, Taipei, Taiwan Attack of the hippos! These hippo sculptures appear to be coming straight out of the ground. People come from near and far to take photos with the cute bronze hippos.

Great graphic for the occassion. Is it a logo? An info graphic? More of an illo. Jonathan Mak, a 19-year-old from Hong Kong made it.

Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011 ("Thanks, Steve" image by Jonathan Mak Long) He will be missed by so many!

1962, Tip + Top als Autofahrer (Tip + Top Build A Motorcar).

Tip + Top als Autofahrer (Tip + Top Build A Motorcar).