Republic of Korea (대한민국)

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress] - artist also has more sketches on traditional Korean styling

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I never wanted to do the whole dressing up in hanbok bit of the wedding until I saw this. Korean traditional dress by Kyung Lim Hanbok

★ 명품 퓨전한복 전문점 [모란배필] 을 찾아주셔서 감사합니다 ★

★ 명품 퓨전한복 전문점 [모란배필] 을 찾아주셔서 감사합니다 ★

i have been in love with this sunglassés! i'm obsessed with sunglassés probably even more then purses!! very nice Lovely Styles!

i have been in love with this sunglass? i& obsessed with sunglass?s probably even more then purses! very nice Lovely Styles!

Vogue Korea May 2013 회색 꽃무늬 개나리색 저고리는 김영석, 타프타 원단에 레이스를 덧댄 버슬 치마와 흰색 버선은 차이 김영진, 오간자 튜브 톱 미니 드레스는 디올(Dior), 카키색 스트랩힐은 스텔라 맥카트니(Stella McCartney).

Vogue Korea May 2013 Photographer: Gun-Ho Lee Model: Hyun-Yi Lee Stylist: Young-Hee Se, Korean fashion

Design by baekoaksoo

Vogue Korea August 2012 Editorial: “Fashion into Art” Photographer: Kang Hyea WonStylist: Seo Young Hee

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