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Some of the backgrounds from our game Traps for Friends. In addition to the characters of this game: If you're thinking "these look like Adventure Time backgrounds" yeah you're right Ever sin.

Angel Fall on Behance

Angel Fall on Behance - great coloring and lighting, appropriate level of detail

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Snack Truck Fever on Behance

Typography is user friendly, easy to read. With Smack truck fever game screen, words are placed right one next to the other but the different colors improves the readibility.

Pixar Post - For The Latest Pixar News: New Levels Updated for Monsters, Inc. Run & Toy Story Smash It Games

My responsibilities are to meet a deadline to when the game is actually released. While I'm designing the game glitches may appear within the game and make them unplayable so I am responsible for the glitches to make it playable and fun again.

Character & Background & UI Designs for Blob Monsters games.All rights reserved to Poker Face Apps (Australia)

Forest level rough concept.

People love "Art of" books, so think of this as The Art of Bullet Age happening in real time. Bullet Age is a Platformer RPG that is being developed by Halfbot and slated for release in The.