The Most Realistic Hand Drawn Fonts | Pt. 1

The Most Realistic Hand Drawn Fonts


You don't need ink and nibs to create the traditional calligraphy look. just strategically placed bold lines.) Fair game in our book!

a study in restraint, these designs dont seem to want to burst out of their circles, they are happy right in them

Chỉ có một nửa, không phải là một hình phóng lớn của [& nb- Trường An Bắc Kinh

위에있는 알파벳들이 점점 커져서 떨어져 내려와 글의 중간을 누르는 부분이 재미있다. 컴퓨터 언어파괴의 포스터 느낌도 날수도 있는것 같다

I like how this poster has the different elements of size it makes it interesting and catches my eye. I could use this idea when creating my posters.

Book cover - David Drummond #PaperCut

Outside Inside - book cover - David Drummond The cut out feeling gives out the hand made feeling instead of focusing too much in graphic

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