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Good sketching detail, variety and form explorations. Via - black and gold watch, male watches, name brand watches for women *ad

Product Sketching & Ideation by Mason Umholtz.

So critical to go through the ideation process with an exhaustive range of sketches. Product Sketching & Ideation by Mason Umholtz, via Behance

Digital, shade, material, chrome

An Amsterdam based product design studio. Our designers specialize in strategic and sustainable design, creative concepts, visualization, CAD and models.

Exploded view sketch of a robotic head done using a ballpoint pen on bond paper by designer Spencer Nugent

Sketch-A-Day 390 | Sketch-A-Day | Sketches by Spencer Nugent

Sketches we like / Linedrawing / Earbuds / Pencil / Explanaition / consumer electronics / at tastysketch


Colour study by Russel Blanchard. Not just varying the colour, but also how much of it there is, and where it's applied. "Philips Steam Iron via coroflot


4 - What is your product design challenge? “Staying true to design fundamentals” In an ever-evolving commercial and social landscape, designers must remain

mine by Elena Gerber, via Behance

A really interesting project from Elena Gerber, 'Mine' is a shoe customizing platform for shoes. It gives a new customizing freedom like changing