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'Peki Bunlar Renkli Gözse Bizimki Ne Oluyor?' Diye Sordurtan 35 Renkli Göz

In anatomy, heterochromia is defined as difference in coloration usually of the iris, but also of the skin and hair. This word comes from the Greek words; Heteros (Different) and Chroma (Color).

Primal Contact Lenses in Vampire While everyone else is wearing makeshift costumes that barely resemble ghosts, you can be truly terrifying with our unique collection of Primal costume contact lenses.



Earrings Calcifer and scarecrow Turnip Head by TraLunaeStelle

Earrings Calcifer and scarecrow Turnip Head, Howl's Moving Castle, Studio Ghibli - kawaii cute earrings, Studio Ghibli Jewelry, gift idea