Hanbok inspired

Hanbok - white chima, dark blue jeogori with deep decorative hem. Love this modern version.

Vogue Korea Editorial June 2014 - So Hee Song by Hyea Won Kang

The Terrier and Lobster: "Once Upon a Time": So-Hee Song in High Fashion and Traditional Korean Costume (Hanbok) by Hyea-Won Kang for Vogue Korea June 2014

Drum dance in Suwon, Korea called the 'janggu' dance

This is a drum dance in Suwon, South Korea called "the janggu dance". It involves woman twirling with drums.

Hanbok, Korean Traditional Dress Miss Korea 2013 Traditional splendor in a sea of ridiculous costumes

Beautifully modern interpretation of Hanbok

Modern yet traditional Korean dress with beautiful decorated white chima (skirt)


Hanbok - a Korean traditional dress, is made of two pieces: a chima, or a skirt, and a chogori, or jacket. They are used mainly for formal events and ceremonies today. They come in many bright colors and patterns.

'Janghwahongryeon's josuhyeon, night sulryeo best hanbok designer to authenticate beauty: Naver News - photo

‘장화홍련’의 조수현, 박술려 디자이너가 인증하는 최고의 한복 미인


This is a recollection of Asian traditional clothing and their evolution nowadays. There will be fusion kimono or hanbok, and fashion inspired by those style or fabric.