web design layout and color palette #neutrals

Web design inspiration

Awesome colors for a scroll down site . Incredible web design layout and color palette selected. I really like this homepage - whatever web designer created this would definitely have a job at Isadora Design.

Mr Porter

Email design - Nice idea for a linear big franchise; hierarchy is handled nicely here too - sunglasses image occupies entire width but doesn't feel more important.

Bentley The New Flying Spur

Bentley - The New Flying Spur. Elegant UI concept design by Impossible Bureau, on dribbble.

Web design inspiration | #brown #black

Web design inspiration

This web design is very interesting. I like how the headphones are broken down by sections from close ups to specs. The color schemes compliments the headphones and makes it's features stand out. You can see the parts within the headphone against a black

Flat color #orange #blue

Slideshow, 2 rows of 2 featured content areas total), full width content area with large text, 2 featured content areas with social media, footer with newsletter signup and sendoff message


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