I like the design of the infographic and how it has a chart section, percentage and all different kinds of way to show the information. the color scheme is really cool, with 2 neutral colors, black and white, and a cool teal color

How much money are social networks making from your UGC (User Generated Content)? as always there a nice inforgraphic to help us out!

[Infographic] Revenue From User Generated Content on Social Media

Lenovo Laptop Battery Inforgraphic

Infographic showing when battery technology will advance far enough that a laptop battery will last a full work week.


Marian Bantjes is a teacher/designer from Vancouver who created an “Influence Map” demonstrating her style of design, way of working and all subjects that influence the way she produces her art.

nice inforgraphic - from Andy @Andy

nice inforgraphic - from Andy @Andy

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