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LEGO Disney 43222 - Disney Castle
Share your love of Disney Princess characters and their partners with this LEGO ǀ Disney: Disney Castle (43222) set. Based on several well-known Disney Princess movies, this detailed set showcases different rooms, classic Disney references, nostalgic details, plus a special time capsule commemorating 100 years of Disney movies, all in a unique castle designed for display.
LEGO Flowers 🌸 music box🤩😱
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a fake flower under a glass dome next to a box
a lego model of a store with its lights on
a person holding a bouquet of colorful flowers
a white vase filled with colorful flowers on top of a table next to a wall
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a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
Lego Bouquet💐
Pretty like coraline flowers 🥀💎
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Lego mini tree tutorial
a lego kitchen with an oven, sink and refrigerator
A kitchen I built - fridge, oven and dishwasher can all be opened
an instruction for how to build a lego kitchen with yellow cabinets and drawers, including the oven
LEGO Kitchen Instructions 263, Homemaker
a toy kitchen with an oven and stove
modern lego kitchen
a lego model of a living room and dining area
Iluminated House
the instructions for how to make legos with different shapes and sizes, including numbers
Create a Scandinavian holiday heart decoration and we’ll donate a LEGO set!
As a Danish company, this design is close to our hearts... Did you know that the first pleated heart ornamment, known as ‘Julehjerte’ was created back in the 1860s by the famous Danish author H.C. Andersen? And now you can keep the festive tradition going with just a few bricks and a sprinkle of creativity. Don’t forget to share any heart you create with #BuildToGive... for each heart build we receive, we’ll donate a set to a child in need of play!
a house made out of legos sitting on top of a table
a lego house is shown with snow on the roof and chimneys, in front of a blue background
the model is made out of legos and has flowers in front of it, along with a box
Kurimiaro Himeji Castle Building Block Model - Realistic Reproduction, 10080 Particles, 19.3n x 15.3in x 8.6in, Suitable for Adult Building Block Lovers!
PRICES MAY VARY. 🌟Authentic reproduction of Himeji Castle with 10080 micro building blocks for building blocks enthusiasts | Detailed & beautiful model for adults who love architecture & history | Expand your building skills with this challenging construction project! ❤️Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of building the iconic Himeji Castle with 10080 micro building blocks | Sturdy & well-designed structure | Perfect for adults seeking entertainment and creativity during quarantine or lockdown peri