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1/6 scale diorama | 1:6 Scale Dioramas

JoeCon 2014 Closes to (Mostly) Positive Reviews

Perhaps the most detailed diorama at the show was this superb scale recreation of the "Bad Mother Tattoos" tattoo parlor.

Barbie Trashy by Mariel Clayton

Barbie Trash Gallery The whole collection is pretty messed up

Barbie mugshot

Barbie Gone Bad! Funny Mug Shots: Barbie. Bambi Cadillac Mug Shot by Art-I-Ficial - reminds me of my mum in the

In the Dollhouse: The Less Than Perfect Life of Barbie and Ken

In the Dollhouse: The Less Than Perfect Life of Barbie and Ken

Barbie Twisted 5...beneath that perky exterior lies the deviant soul of a woman who has never been understood.

Mariel Clayton created a morbid series of photos featuring Barbi dolls doing some very bad things. via design boom photos by Mariel Clayton

Fifty Shades Of Barbie

BARBIE welcome to the 50 shades era! I want this barbie Papadakos - DAiSYS & dots Trease

Barbie, the Serial Killer

Barbie, the Serial Killer. (WARNING, PLASTIC VIOLENCE)

"Wednesdays' Child is full of Woe" by Mariel Clayton's "Subversive Barbie Series"