Norigae (hangul: 노리개) is a typical traditional accessory that is hung from a woman's jeogori goreum (coat strings) or hanbok chima (skirt) of Korean traditional dress.

한복 Hanbok

Korea, Joseon Dynasty, Ceremonial Costume of Highest ranking Royal Consort, Keun Meori Hairstyle, Another staggering look at ceremonial dress for the K-drama _Dong Yi_


Painting "The Paradox of Beauty" by JEONG MYOUNG JO / Korean traditional bridal gown. Visited Excellent Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

the opposite vertices of an actress Jo Yeo-jeong's life as a drama movie.

.Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes.

Girl Talk: Skin, Hair, and Bodycare (Part . (Beauty secrets from the Far East that you can try right now)

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

She was a famous courtesan of the Joseon period. I love sassy women from ancient periods ♥

Loomfly: Korean patchwork/jogakbo "Each patch and stitch added by the maker was like a prayer of good will that would enfold and carry the gift. Women adapted chogak po for clothing, sometimes combined with quilting, to "wrap" and dress their loved ones. Many surviving patchwork wrapping cloths from the Chosŏn period have never been used, attesting to their preservation as reminders of the affection and blessing of their maker."

Loomfly: Korean patchwork/jogakbo Hanbok made out of traditional Korean patchwork.

My wedding / 비단빔 한복 한복이 그리는 아름다운 세상 / 기자/에디터 : 박혜영 / 사진 : 장주흡 / 한복 비단빔 / 모델 유지현 / 헤어&메이크업 컬쳐앤네이처(헤어 산옥 메이크업 홍현선)

한복 Hanbok / Blue jeogori and purple chima / Traditional Korean dress