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Character & Monster Creation Kit


no,thats two pints and a packet of pork scratchings,please robot tshirt for fridy night pub sesh

Vancouver 2010 Olympics vinyl mascots figurines

Courtesy of Jeff Pidgeon's excellent toy collection , a photo of a Vancouver Winter Olympics Mascots vinyl toy set.

3D Printed Toys. Description

What the Duck

Robot design is something that I really like seeing. From badass, complicated robots like the Transformers to more simpler concepts, like these by American designer Steve Talkowski. His designs are really cool!

what great cereals mascot

Champions of Breakfast by Dave Perillo

Some of those Canadians are really wonderful at designing posters! (this is supposedly a beaver named Amik, by the way- in any case it looks fabulous)

Design Flashback: 13 Delicious 1970s Posters

The wonderfully minimalist Rainbow Beaver (aka ”Amik” or the beaver mascot) was supposedly hated at the time.

Cool Robot Designs by Steve Talkowski

Cool Robot Designs by Steve Talkowski

HelperBot, Paint Division, Brushes by stevetalkowski - Steve Talkowski - CGHUB Botober Day 13