Glowing Orb Effect - Unity 3D Tutorial - Contact me with:

Effect Animation - How to creat effect animation for game Glowing Orb Effect - Unity Particles Effect ► Pls comment what you think or any FX you want to s.

Vitaliy Shushko — art, story, directing ( Elena Volk — 2d/3d-animation, compositing (  Pavel Mira — compositing, 3d-modeling, 3d-animation ( Denis Pisarev — compositing, 3d-modeling (  Timur Gibadulin — 3d-modeling  ( Viktor Gullichsen — music ( Henri Keinala — music  DZA — additional music (https:/...

Vitaliy Shushko X-Story: animated short film rated mature on Vimeo for violent conflict

Blender - Muelle

Blender - screw modifier to make a wire spring

Making 3D Buildings in 15 minutes using the TP Building Generator

The Think Particle Building Generator works with the Broadcast version of Cinema now! Learn more about this update in this video then pick up your own copy at…