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Whitepaper IT is a leading mobile UI/UX design and development company which designing UI/UX for handhelds and structural development…

여러가지 컨트롤 뷰에서 기능별 버튼에 대한 위치설정이나 레이아웃을 잡는데 도움이 될것 같다.

Food infographic UX/UI - Delivery app design on Behance. Infographic Description UX/UI - Delivery app design on Behance - Infographic Source -

Thunder UI Kit

Heavy use of brand colour in these menus will reinforce the brand and remind people who they are shopping with.


Ux-kits-mobile-app-visual-flowchart - Watch Create Short Meaningful Videos via…

UI 디자인 - 와이어프래임 구도를 보고 구성을 짜는데 참고하면 좋을것 같다.

Kitchenware is a wireframe kit provides every elements you need for creating professional and elegant iOS wireframes. Nearly 40 totally different screens covers most common iOS patterns and UI elements.

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jpg by Alim Maasoglu - Love a good success story? Learn how I went from zero to 1 million in sales in 5 months with an e-commerce store.

패턴을 이용한 어플리케이션 디자인 으로 시원시원함 화이트 블루 컬러 가 주되어 있어 주목성을 이끌어 주는 데에 좋은 점이 있는것같다

The TOOWAY app service was created to help people with making decisions. Users can vote anonymously on whether they think a choice might be right or wrong and, in the same way, post a problem to be evaluated by fellow users.On a more casual note, TOO…

Samsung Design & Creative Membership BX Design Project by Plus X , via Behance #identity #packaging #branding PD

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