Love the wat rhat the color is plaing oof of the type and how the texture is just adding to it. all 3 just scream fried sugar. Creative Typography by Luke Choice

주서히, 샤르르 (SHARR) 브랜딩/편집, 일러스트레이션

I picked this for the fun feeling it inspires and the washed colors, a little asian pop but also the pink and pastels, gives some of the broken down California girl vibe I want to capture.

한글레터링_특별시는 모르는 특별한 언어, 사투리 - 디지털 아트 · UI/UX, 디지털 아트, UI/UX, 디지털 아트

한글레터링_특별시는 모르는 특별한 언어, 사투리 - 디지털 아트 · UI/UX, 디지털 아트, UI/UX, 디지털 아트

No Way Out—Puff Daddy posters on Behance

This poster seemed interesting to me since the red color grabs the attention in the middle and fades as it goes towards the sides.

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Lackonic Typeface by Pedro Matos, via Behance

Lackonic is a display stencil typeface with humanist proportions and medium weight, inspired by tubular shapes. It was primarily designed for Primavera's Version 9 range of products, being used to set the products name within the suite.It all started wit…

Sulki & Min

Poster for performance “Cabbage Thoughts” by Na-hoon Park by korean duo Sulki & Min

Free Outline Gap Icons - PSD and AI (45 Icons)

Fresh new free Outline icon sets for website mockups, mobile app user interface and graphic design projects. There are outline icons!