Animodul Branding Design by Atipo in Spain

Great lesson with wedges, circles, fractions, and cute animals! What a great kids quilt.drunkard's path plus. My Three Sons: I Drank the Kool-Aid


Wayfinding and identity for Voskresenskoe on Behance in Icons, Symbols & Pictograms

Bravo Company: The Chain Reaction Project Identity

Logo inspired icon set for The Chain Reaction Project designed by Bravo Company \\ iconography

Gesture Icon Set #graphics

Gesture icons are created to aid in the design and promotion of multi-touch interfaces. With the help of a nice set of gesture icons, you can design a professional tour guide for your applications easily.


Outline Icons

Inspiration for the simple flat icons for the 30 Day Challenge.

pictogramas / Rubén Alvarez

Pictogrammaton: 100 días, 100 pictogramas